WHSO Consultants offers a range of professional workplace health and safety services including:

  • Inspection Audits
  • Risk Assessments
  • Hazardous Chemical Control Guidelines
  • Tool Box / Safety Talk
  • Safety Advisors
  • Return to work & Rehabilitation Coordinator’s
  • Emergency Evacuation Guidelines
  • First Aid Guidelines
  • Consultation between management & workers
  • Safety Plans, Safe Work Method Statement, Job Hazard Analyst
  • Standard Operation Procedures
  • In house training sessions developed and delivered in consultation with managers and supervisors.

Our four step approach

WHSO Consultants uses a four step process to help your business take charge of health and safety:

  • Audit

    The Audit process will assist in identifying issues that may require Control Measures

  • Risk Assessment

    Where a safety issue is found in the Audit process we help you assess the risk and manage the risk.

  • Communication

    We provide tactical tools and help you implement processes so that regular communication about safety issues occurs. We like to think of this as opening the channels between staff and managers.

  • Monitor and Review

    By reviewing and monitoring our safe work practices the work environment shall become a safer place to work and visit.

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